Friday, February 14, 2014

Covered By Love - the backstory

It's Valentine's Day, and because I have yet to share the story of my how my fledgling business came to be, I thought now would be the most appropriate time. To those who know me or my husband personally, you are probably aware of the string of miscarriages we suffered for four years in a row, with the last one occurring in August of 2013. Let's suffice to say that life isn't fair, in fact, it SUCKS 10 kinds of suck sometimes. Unless you have walked that road, you may not understand what I have termed "phantom ache". I would describe it as unexpected twinges of sorrow that run through a mother's empty arms, and then stun you with their appearance. The scent of baby powder, the sight of delicate hairbows or tiny tennis shoes, or even the joy of another friend's precious arrival - they can all serve as triggers at times. I don't often allow myself to go there, and I can typically shut it down quickly, but there are still difficult emotions for me to overcome around Valentine's Day. This day is forever branded onto my soul - it was the due date for the first child we lost, and the date that the 2nd child we lost passed on. I've had trouble coming up with something that would be a fitting tribute to honor the memory of the little spirits that still flicker in my heart, and it finally came to me last month. I have to do something to help save and improve the lives of those who were given the gift of breath, and continue to breathe in spite of the suffering they have been forced to endure. I choose to exchange my pain, to relieve the pain of a child caught in the web of human trafficking. Like spiders, these evil people are driven back when light illuminates the situation. That's when the idea of the tea light jars struck me as the place to start. Sometimes you cannot fully process a thing unless you find a higher purpose for your pain to serve, and I refuse to be a slave to sorrow just as strongly as I refuse to accept that sex slavery is OK. In a small way, I see Jesus in this effort; He endured the suffering that was inflicted upon Him for the highest redemptive purpose. Am I comparing myself and my experiences to His? Absolutely not. But I do claim to be one of His followers, and if He could withstand all that He did for the sake of love, it then becomes my obligation to do the same. Love is what drives this business, and I will cover as many children as I can with that blanket. So whenever you make a purchase from Covered By Love, rest assured that 25% is sincerely going to either ZOE or Love146. The inaugural donation of $50 will be going to ZOE today on Valentine's Day, and I'm thrilled that it was that high. I realize it's not a monumental amount of money, but it was money I didn't have, and it's a start. Thank you again to all of you who helped make it possible, your part in this effort will be funding the return of laughter and life worth living, and that's something to feel good about. Happy Valentine's Day from me to you!! Love Jen <3