Saturday, March 19, 2011

Peter Cetera

OK, this is a break from what I'll normally be posting, but it was too long and detailed for FB. Keep in mind that I'm totally outing myself for this one, but I have to do it because I received yet another gift-wrapped opportunity to laugh at my ridiculous self last night!

Picture it: I'm getting ready to go to bed and the face of Jack Wagner magically appears, aka Frisco Jones, the love interest of every girl above the age of 10 back in the day. Clearly, I had no choice but to see what he was doing on my tv. We have a history, so I was compelled to catch up with him...Anyhoo, as it turned out, he was the poster boy for another Time Life music collection from the 80's. I was instantly transported to another time, where I was 11 years old again and at a sleepover with friends. We were all camped out in our sleeping bags and glued to VH1 just waiting for our favorite love songs to come on. Don't even pretend you didn't do it too! But then, Jack Wagner introduced the song that brought it all back, "Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera. Did I mention that I love him?

However, the introduction didn't take me back to a sleepover memory, I was catapulted into the spring of 1997 when I was working in the former HomePlace store at Cool Springs (across from Kroger's). It was there that I had my fateful encounter with this mythical creature. It was a normal morning, everything was pleasant and in order at my little register. Yes, I was playing the role of a cashier that day, complete with a green apron...stylin' kids! Out of nowhere, a heavenly scented breeze reached my nose, and when I looked up, the face of Peter Cetera was gazing back at me. I had never experienced a celeb freak-out moment, and seeing as though I had met quite a few for having worked at Asylum, it was really no big deal. This day would put me in my place though! So like I said, the face of Peter Cetera is gazing back at me, and I immediately lose the ability to speak, couldn't even say hello to the man! It was then that my face decided to betray me and make my apparent weakness even more obvious, I could feel my cheeks turning bright red and my body temperature shot up exponentially. All I wanted was a re-do, because this was NOT the way I had planned this meeting in my mind. He and I deserved better! (HAHAHA!)

While I was entertaining the thoughts of our upcoming wedding, and how the invitations would look, his very pregnant girlfriend came and stood next to him in line. Bubble completely busted! As he paid for the infant bath tub, I was at least able to speak to his girlfriend, who was lovely by the way. Our hands touched for 1 nano-second when I gave him his credit card and receipt, and then I gave him the bag. It was now or never, I had to profess my undying love. I managed to eek out something along the lines of "Have a good day.", and he just smiled at me. I was DONE!! Do your hear me, people? D-O-N-E! I think I floated home that afternoon, and after I told my mom what happened, she horse-laughed at me because she knew how monumental it was that I had a meltdown at the mere sight of him. So maybe it wasn't the glory of love right then, but it's what I've got to hold onto. And Peter, wherever you are, I still love you.

PS: little tidbit of info, we share the same birthday. Who cares about a 32 year age difference when fate obviously meant for us to meet?

Your turn, girls!

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